Family Nature Videos

“I Like Being Me” video

This video came about in response to a tweet from a well known bird conservation organization. Their tweet was a thinly veiled suggestion that pigeons, God’s creation and equal to any other bird, are a pesky nuisance. This was my reply.

A “Brief and Spontaneous Light Show” courtesy of the Wigeons of Stanley Park in BC

Although it may seem so, this video is untouched photography. At a certain angle in the late afternoon light, the spray of water and the movement of the Wigeons in the water created this natural effect of a ballroom stage lit up on a starry night. God’s nature is so awesome. 

“Sleeping Cygents”

I have taken a lot of photographs of a swan family over the years. Swans are such good and watchful parents which is probably why these their little cygnets felt safe to doze off at any given time. They are so sweet.